Instant Messaging Client Imo Is Dumping Support For Third-Party Services

Popular instant messaging client imo will discontinue support for third-party services this week. That means no more AIM, Facebook, MSN, Skype or Yahoo integration.

If you have chats using those third-party services stored in imo and you want to keep copies, you'll need to export them quickly, before they disappear altogether. Support for new chats stops on 3 March, while you can export logs until 7 March. Those are both US dates, so Australian users can probably wait until 8 March, but I wouldn't hang around if I were you. Further details are available on the official blog post announcing the change.


    Well, what use is imo now? Deleted, replaced with trillian... (again)
    Anybody got other suggestions for multi-account messaging programs for all those old chat networks you don't use any more but don't dare close?


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