Instant Messaging Client Imo Is Dumping Support For Third-Party Services

Popular instant messaging client imo will discontinue support for third-party services this week. That means no more AIM, Facebook, MSN, Skype or Yahoo integration.

If you have chats using those third-party services stored in imo and you want to keep copies, you’ll need to export them quickly, before they disappear altogether. Support for new chats stops on 3 March, while you can export logs until 7 March. Those are both US dates, so Australian users can probably wait until 8 March, but I wouldn’t hang around if I were you. Further details are available on the official blog post announcing the change.


  • Well, what use is imo now? Deleted, replaced with trillian… (again)
    Anybody got other suggestions for multi-account messaging programs for all those old chat networks you don’t use any more but don’t dare close?

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