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There was a time when laptops were filled with compromises. They were slower and had crappier screens than their desktop counterparts. But times have changed with mobile tech now pervasive and laptops sporting powerful performance, high-end specs and some of the best screens you've ever seen. Each year, the bar is raised a little higher. So, what's the best laptop of 2018?


The typical tablet or convertible computer tops out at around 13-inches. But HP's gargantuan ZBook X2, that I've been testing for a couple of weeks, comes with a 14-inch display. Here's what I've learned.


HP has recalled the batteries in over 50,000 notebook computers over concerns batteries in selected models can overheat and potentially catch fire. The recall affects computers in several different portable PC ranges. HP has provided a tool for assessing whether your computer is affected asn has instituted a replacement program that comes both user replaceable and internal batteries.


Privacy and security should be at the top of mind for anyone using a computer. Generally, this means having a strong password or passphrase when you log on, possibly biometric security and 2FA as well, and encrypting data. But the hardware we use everyday can go a little further. HP's Elitebook x360 is an example of what can be done on the hardware side to protect your data.


Over the years I've spent a lot of money on various bits of tech. But as the reliability of hardware has improved and performance of hardware has moved along, I find that I no longer need to buy the latest and greatest gear in order to get hardware that does what I need. That's led me to looking more closely at used and refurbished equipment.


We were meant to be paperless by now. Seriously, between smartphones and tablets, there's no reason to carry paper is there? The reality is, paper still makes the world go round. And that means a decent printer for the office is a must. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 looks like a big office multi-function printer but comes at a small office price.


The Australian Tax Office (ATO) website went down for two days due to a storage hardware failure. The hardware was provided by HP Enterprise (HPE) and the fault affected backup systems as well. The ATO is now trying to recover one petabyte of data.


The HP Pavillion x360 is a small convertible notebook that I didn't expect to like at all. At first glance, it reminded me of a netbook I used to own which was a hunk of crap and I'm not a huge fan of 11-inch devices because there just isn't enough screen space for me to use effectively. This story doesn't have a fairy tale ending. I didn't fall in love with the X360, but I did (surprisingly) walk away without loathing it.