The Most Googled ‘How Tos’ On The Internet

The Most Googled ‘How Tos’ On The Internet

Google recently released a visual breakdown of the most popular “how to” searches worldwide since 2004. Curiously, the top ten features such eclectic topics as kissing, weight loss and pancakes! Here are the top ten, ranked in order.

The most common ‘how to’ search term on Google is “how to tie a tie.” Which probably proves most men are terribly at remembering things. Meanwhile, the the most common ‘how-to-fix’ search is “how to fix a door”. We never would have guessed that one in a million years.

Here’s the overall top-ten list. We’ve also included relevant links from the Lifehacker archives for you to bookmark. You’re welcome.

  1. How to tie a tie: Here are 30 ways to tie a tie!
  2. How to kiss: Astonishingly, Lifehacker has never provided advice in this area, but here are some tips for when things progress (provided the other person is a woman.)
  3. How to get pregnant: I assume this means how to increase the odds of falling pregnant. Either that, or a bunch of people really didn’t pay attention in sex ed class.
  4. How to lose weight: We’ve got hundreds of articles on this topic. Click here!
  5. How to draw: Here’s a tip to get you started from 2016.
  6. How to make money: Here’s our complete guide to making money in your spare time.
  7. How to make pancakes: Here’s the easiest pancake recipe in the world
  8. How to write a cover letter: Apparently, job seekers are more concerned about their cover letter than their resume. Wouldn’t have picked it. Here’s how to craft one that employers will actually read.
  9. How to make french toast: Have you tried grilling it? Here’s our recipe.
  10. How to lose belly fat: I wonder if the people who searched for pancakes and French toast also searched for this one? Here are some tips.

You can check out an infographic of the top ten search results over on How To Fix A Toilet.

Additional reporting by Nick Douglas.

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