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Gambling is bad, m'kay?

With that caveat out of the way, here are the horses that stand the best chance of winning this year's Melbourne Cup, according to the experts at Macquarie Bank’s quant team. If you're planning to take a punt, these are the names you should be backing.


Do you fancy yourself a knight in shining armour? Are you a hopeless horse person? Is A Knight's Tale your favourite film? Have I got the job for you... Jousting is back, and it's reclaiming the spotlight, with international tournaments being broadcast on ESPN and Fox Sports. A combination of athleticism, horsemanship and pure nerve, we spoke to professional jousters about what it takes to make it big.


Sorry horse owners, turns out you're not actually allowed to saddle up and ride down to the local bottle-o when you've had a few too many drinks to drive. While you may not have learned about this in studying for your driving test, a horse is still considered a 'vehicle', meaning you can be charged for drink driving while riding - in Australia at least.


Ever wondered how horses go from being wild, free-spirited animals to people's most faithful travel companion? Grab your lasso, put on your cowboy hat, and get ready to become a horse whisperer. I mean, you'll probably never need to tame your own horse, but if you did, this is how the masters do it.