• Hurdle is Like Five Wordles in One

    Hurdle is Like Five Wordles in One

    You guys know I’m a fan of the devilishly hard Wordle variations, like Antiwordle and Squardle. But sometimes I just want to play a Wordle variation because I like Wordle and would like to have another serving of it, please. Hurdle obliges, with only a slight twist.

  • Here’s Why It’s So Hard To Draw A Horse

    The New Yorker comic “How to Draw a Horse” isn’t really a how-to; it’s a story about young love and the beauty of nature and channeling your feelings into art. But it also has actual tips for drawing horses! So if you’re an artist who struggles with anatomy, movement, or proportions, check it out.

  • Today I Discovered It’s Illegal To Drink And Ride A Horse

    Sorry horse owners, turns out you’re not actually allowed to saddle up and ride down to the local bottle-o when you’ve had a few too many drinks to drive. While you may not have learned about this in studying for your driving test, a horse is still considered a ‘vehicle’, meaning you can be charged…