Scoopon Android App Sends Daily Deals To Your Phone

Lifehacker readers are clearly hungry for shopping-focused Android apps, so this could be appealing: daily deal site Scoopon is offering a free app that highlights its current bargain.

Of course, given that you can also get a daily email from Scoopon, you don't strictly speaking need an app on your phone. But if nothing else, it suggests that we might see more energy put into developing Android apps alongside their iOS counterparts.

Scoopon [Android Market]


    this is a few weeks old now

    It's also pointless. They send an email, and they have a website. The app doesn't give anything over and above those from what I can see.

    Um... usability? It's far less painful to use than the bloated non-mobile-optimised website... But go on - let's complain about a free app!

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