OurDeal Now Has An iOS App


    can't push notifications eg. badges
    on your mobile friendly webpage.

    There is a fundamental issue with web brosers on mobiles, its finicky and having limited number of tabs in safari is a PITA. Even if the app is just a wrapper around the website like Westpac is its a lot better. But yes as luke said push notifications is another great example they are more noticeable than emails (esp in iOS5 where you are able to accept or reject it rather than accept it immediately or screw around to get to it if you miss it).

    I get like 10 emails a day from these bloody places i'm tempted to unsubscribe from the lot of them, An app that aggregates them all into a single easy to use app would be great (and not BargainDesk, it kinda works, but its clunky). But i definitely don't want 10 daily deal apps on my phone all sending push notifications to me.

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