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There’s nothing more sobering than travelling with a friend for the first time. You very quickly learn their travel “quirks” like they hate walking too much or their teeth grind when they sleep (I’m not saying I know someone who does this, but I’m also not not saying that).


Over the past few years a good number of my vacations have turned into more of a “we’ll go one weekend” thing rather than a need to make a vacation fit into a particular time frame. That’s to say that rather than looking for flights for a specific weekend in October to make a trip, I might instead be open to going on the same trip any weekend in October or September.

If you have similar travel plans, then Travelgam can be a great solution when it comes to planning.


At four o'clock in the afternoon, JAT Flight 367 was flying at 10,149m over the Czech Republic on its way to Zagreb. A minute later, a bomb tore through the front baggage compartment of the DC-9, blowing the nose of the plane clean off. 28 people were on board. One of those people survived the fall.

Vesna Vulović.


Flying isn't my favourite thing in the world because I get so caught up in wondering how it all works. "Why is this giant aluminium tube even in the air?", "why is that guy so fidgety?", "why are the lights flickering?"... you get the point. I worry. But this short, sweet explanation of how a plane actually flies puts me at ease.

Thank you, physics.