CommaFeed Is A Minimalist Google Reader Replacement

As the countdown to the death of Google Reader on 1 July continues, the list of potential alternatives grows. Another to consider: CommaFeed, a web-based service that closely replicates the standard Google Reader look.

You can automatically import your existing Reader feed into CommaFeed, and the interface is similar to the classic Google Reader appearance. Each post includes links so you can share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instapaper.

There are still a few interface bugs, and there's only limited support for shortcut keys, which is a deal breaker for me. However, if the other Reader alternatives haven't grabbed you yet, it's a free service so there's no risk in checking it out.



    Wow... look s very promising. Between this and theOldReader, I think I might have found my desktop option, and with gReader on my phone, I'm sorted there. Now to find a way to keep them synced, and I'll be all good.

      greader on android SAID they will implement a fix but haven't yet...I'm getting nervous

    This one seems to be satisfactory substitute

    Checkout SwarmIQ. Similar functionality.

    Features: The ability to skim large #s of headlines, organize lots of feeds, label them, tag articles for later reading, fastm unobtrusive "no magazine layout".
    Sign up at , click on the Google reader icon to get all your feeds, and get up and running straight away.

    Disclosure: I'm on the team that built this site :-) Also, we don't have "Google Alerts" type functionality yet.

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