Are Your Google Reader Links Disappearing?

Are Your Google Reader Links Disappearing?

Another sign to remind us that Google Reader will be dead come July 1: some browsers are reporting that the link to Reader on Google’s menu has vanished when using Gmail.

Lifehacker reader Francis reports that Reader is no longer showing up in the More menu (on the main black menu bar) when signed into Gmail. I was able to replicate this, but it still showed up when accessing other Google services such as Drive or the main Google page. That variation is not atypical; Google interface changes often roll out slowly. Has yours gone missing too, from Gmail or elsewhere? Tell us in the comments.

The lack of a menu item doesn’t mean you can’t access Reader, of course: the address will still work. I’ve always access Reader via a keyword bookmark, so the menu change doesn’t affect me. However, it’s a reminder that you need to export your feeds and begin to consider some of the available alternatives. Thanks Francis!


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