emotional health

  • Be Your Child’s Emotional Coach

    Emotions, they are running high right now. We’re living in a time of fear and sadness and anger, grieving the loss of normalcy in our day-to-day lives as the pandemic has redefined normal. The circumstances are challenging for the calmest and most resilient among us, let alone for our kids, who are still learning how…

  • You Should Feel Sad On Your Birthday

    Everyone likes a little cry sometimes; that’s why there are sad songs and movies and books. A little elective melancholy exercises your emotions even when your actual life is going well, and it can leave you mentally and physically refreshed. Some times are particularly well-suited: rainy days, late nights, and birthdays.

  • How To Deal With Excessive Trash Talk In Online Games

    How To Deal With Excessive Trash Talk In Online Games

    Online multiplayer games are a blast to play with friends or randoms alike, but they can quickly get ruined by players who only have negative things to say to you or your teammates. These tips will help you deal with their trash talk so you can stay focused on enjoying your precious game time.