Why You Should Seek Solitude When You’re Angry

Why You Should Seek Solitude When You’re Angry

When you lose your temper, and it feels like anger is going to overtake your mind, you must find a way to compose yourself. The best way to do this is to walk away from the person, place, or thing that is angering you and spend some time alone.

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This way the anger can blow over and you can address the situation with a clear head.

If you fail to walk away, you run the risk of acting a fool and losing face. You also may take your anger out on others who do not deserve it, or worse, you’ll take it out on friends and family who only seek to comfort you.

The next time you feel your fuse burning short, don’t have an outburst, don’t make any rash decisions and don’t try to count to ten in hopes of things cooling off so quickly. Just walk away.

Find a place you can be alone and let your rage fizzle out. Find your calm harbour where you can weigh anchor and take control back from your emotions. When you’ve calmed some, reflect on the situation and your actions.

What specifically made you angry? Is your anger even justified? What can you do to avoid the same situation later on? Once you’ve soothed your fury, return to the world and tackle the rest of your day with a clear head.

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