ABC Launches Election Apps For iPhone, Android

The ABC's Australia Votes 2010 application will provide live electorate-by-electorate coverage, access to news stories and election-related tweets on August 22. Commendably, versions have been developed for iPhone, Android and Java users (with a BlackBerry-specific build promised shortly).

There isn't quite feature equality between the apps — iPhone users get video bulletin access, which isn't offered on the other platforms. Nonetheless, it's always welcome to see mobile apps built for a range of devices.

On a related note, the ABC has also updated its iPad and iPhone apps to offer streaming access to ABC News 24 — a useful step, albeit an easy way to consume large amounts of data on the go.

The Australia Votes 2010 apps are available for free from the ABC site.

ABC Mobile


    You mean Android users are old enough to vote?

      Hey, parts of my comment was stripped out?

      Tongue was firmly planted in cheek :)

        This just in: Steve Jobs is looking for his left cheek, complains he can't sit without it.

        Never mind. We know where it is

    The app would be awesome if it wasn't laggy as hell! Is it just me? Because the app is so slow it's nearly unusable. I'm on an iPhone 4, and I'm pretty sure the phones processor can handle it...

    It's worth noting that the Android apps are actually available in the Android market, not on the ABC web site.

    Looks like those of us unfortunate enough to have been suckered into buying a HTC Android phone 9 months ago have been left out in the cold yet again. This isn't available for Android 1.5

      Don't worry its badly put together for android anyway.
      The only way that scrolling works is with the trackball and the only way to go back is with the button in the top left corner (like with an iphone) because pressing the normal back button kicks you out of the app.
      It would have done much better as a mobile web site then an app.

    The Android version is crap - just a cheaply-done port of the iPhone one, except it doesn't work properly - and I'm talking about basic things, like the ability to scroll with the touchscreen (trackball/trackpad scrolling seems to work). And the function that lets you search for your electorate to see news/results for that area just doesn't work at all.

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