Does Broadband Matter To The Electorate At Large?

This morning’s announcement that the NBN will now offer speeds of up to one gigabit per second to the majority of Australian homes has ratcheted up the political broadband battle a notch. There’s now two clear options: a high-speed government-owned network under Labor, or a best-effort privately-funded network under the Liberals. Will voters care about the distinction?

There’s no doubt that most Lifehacker readers are alive to the potential of broadband (and equally alive to the fact that Tony Abbott’s claim that getting those speeds over fibre is “utterly implausible” is complete and utter BS). But there’s also no doubt that many voters will have an instinctive “governments shouldn’t spend money” reaction to the NBN plan, and reject it on those grounds alone.

No-one is likely to vote a party in on a single issue. But do you think broadband will be a major consideration for voters? Share your thoughts (and your reasons why) in the comments.

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