• Google Rolls Out New Zero Touch Deployment Tool For Android

    Google is launching a new zero-touch enrollment tool for Android rollouts so companies can configure the devices they purchase and ship them with management and settings pre-configured. This removes the need for users to configure devices manually and ensures that devices always have corporate policies in place.

  • Why We Need To Change More Than Pay For Executives To Do Better

    The pay of executives of a company, whether in salary, bonuses or other types of remuneration, is usually justified as an incentive to improve the financial performance of a company. This has led to ever more complex performance packages with increasing percentage of variable, performance-based payments. But what is increasingly evident is that this definition…

  • How To Make Windows XP Migration Less Painful

    If you’re still making your staff suffer by running Windows XP, the end is nigh: extended support for XP ends on 8 April, 2014. Whether you need to urgently migrate from XP or you’re contemplating a shift to a newer version of Windows, here are some key principles to keep in mind.