Could The Netbook Make A Comeback?

Could The Netbook Make A Comeback?
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Michael Mrozek, the Germany-based creator of the DragonBox Pyra has raised a big pile of cash to rekindle the fire in the netbook market. The question is: will anybody actually want one?

Netbooks were all the rage about ten years ago but a couple of things happened. Firstly, full featured sub notebooks hit the market, delivering real computing power, decent sized screens and the ability to run common operating systems in sub 1kg bodies that were less than 10mm thick.

And tablets came to the fore as an alternative – again offering the functions demanded by users in a small package. Mrozek argues that tablets don’t hit the spot for “real work”.

“I have no idea why you would use a tablet. I tried one, and it’s awkward to use it for anything else than browsing the Web,” Mrozek told Salon. I disagree as I work from an iPad Pro when I travel.

Schools gobbled up netbooks back in the day as they were a low-cost option that ticked the box for portability so students wouldn’t end up with back injuries carrying heavy computer bags. But most of the schools I deal with are either on the Surface or iPad path.

What do you think? Could the netbook make a comeback?


  • I picked up a Samsung netbook off Gumtree last year for $80. Small, light, 6-7h battery life depending on brightness. It’s perfect for light computing, browsing and watching movies while travelling and particularly on flights. Doesn’t have much grunt but for what I use it for, it doesn’t need much.
    I love my netbook but in all honesty have never tried a tablet. And as long as cheap second hand ones are on sale, it’s unlikely I’d ever buy a new one full price. There is a market for them but I doubt they’d make a full comeback.

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