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Who knew that LEGO designed its figures' hands perfectly to hold Apple Lightning and other types of cables? Stick a LEGO brick on your desk, attach LEGO figure(s), and, voilà, an ingenious cord-catching solution.


If you use earbuds to listen to music, you probably have them with you but not necessarily wearing them all the time. You may need to take them out to interact with another person or when you want a break from listening to your music. When that happens, you have to solve the problem of where to put those earphones. Props solves that problem for you.


It doesn't require much to call an area a workspace -- all you really need is a desk -- but there's plenty more you can do in any office to take full advantage of the space. The walls, your desk, and even your doors are more than they appear to be -- they're secret productivity tools. With a few small alterations, you can unlock their hidden potential.


Finding a place to store small appliances is an annoying task on its own, but it's even worse when you have to find a way to wrap the cord as well. The blog A Thousand Words shows us that one of the easiest tricks is to just wrap the cord around the appliance and stick it to the side with a little Velcro.


If you've ever used an extension cord, you've no doubt experienced the heartache (yes, heartache!) of pulling a few inches too far and disconnecting from the cord. Carpenter Robert Robillard explains how to knot your extension cord to keep your cords plugged in -- a simple trick he learned his first day on the job.