How To Make A Boxed Brownie Mix Taste Homemade

If there is one hill I will die on, it is that boxed mix brownies are usually the only brownies worth my time — but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get fancy with them. If you’re looking to pass yours off as a little more gourmand, simply change…

An Ode To Boxed Mix Brownies

Just as there are “process” killers and “product” killers, I like to think that there are process bakers and product bakers. Process people take comfort and joy in the execution of their favourite hobby, whereas product people are in it for the result. Like Jeffrey Dahmer, I’m a product person,…

These 3-Ingredient Brownies Are Even Easier Than A Box Mix

I’m a fan of a box mix brownie. They’re easy to make, consistently good and have that shiny crust on top, but their place in my heart is in danger of being usurped by the three-ingredient beauties above, which feature my BFF Nutella.