Pour the Perfect Camp Cocktail With Just This One Reusable Bottle

Pour the Perfect Camp Cocktail With Just This One Reusable Bottle
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There’s nothing Aussies love more than a good camping trip. You load up your car, grab a bunch of mates, secure some cartons and cocktail mixes, and then head off into the great outdoors for a long weekend of making memories. But before all of that, you usually spend a solid half a day (or the night before) packing all the things that’ll make your camp life easier.

One thing we’re going to add to your packing list (and you’ll thank us for it later) is The Standard Squeeze. Brought to you by a family-owned and operated business from Central Victoria, Australia, TSS is a BPA-free reusable bottle for your favourite booze.

It has dual chambers, one for your premixer that holds anywhere between 350mL and 1000mL, and another that holds between 30mL and 100mL of your favourite spirit, so you can pour the perfect standard drink without lugging around multiple bottles and measuring utensils.

You can also take the TSS pretty much anywhere without the worry of glass breaking or smashing. Plus it also weighs around 50 per cent less than a glass bottle full of spirits, which is great news for travellers looking to pack light.

The Standard Squeeze

To use the Standard Squeeze, you simply loosen the small chamber side lid and squeeze the bottle. This forces the spirit up and into the chamber and measures a perfect standard 30mL drink. If you prefer a stronger drop, you can just make it a double squeeze.

The bottles come in five different sizes, mini, original, XL, double shot and big shot — and if you buy in bundles you can save yourself up to 30 per cent.

Some of The Standard Squeezes’ other products include stainless steel, vacuum-sealed cups and containers that have multiple uses. Take the 4-in-1 cup for example, it has four uses a tumbler, a coffee mug, a stubby holder, and an insulated can cooler. Nice!

Keen to shop The Standard Squeeze? You can find the full range here.


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