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Qantas has been conducting experiments with in-flight Wi-Fi for some time, but we're yet to see any ongoing services. And now it seems clear that we won't be getting any on flights to the US, with Qantas abandoning its trial of in-flight Wi-Fi on A380 services.


No matter how often you remind yourself to be tolerant, screaming kids don't make for a pleasant long-haul flight. So I suspect lots of people will be keen on a new plan from Malaysia Airlines to offer a child-free cabin on A380 services.


Qantas yesterday added Hong Kong to its list of destinations served by the A380. Whatever your preferred airline, here are the direct services for every airline that currently flies the A380 into Australia.


Given the amount of publicity it has received, it's mildly disconcerting to realise that there are only three airlines (Qantas, Singapore and Emirates) actually letting the general public fly on the Airbus A380. If you want to test out the mega-plane, you'll need this list of flights which offer A380 service.