Who Operates A380 Services To Australia?

Qantas yesterday added Hong Kong to its list of destinations served by the A380. Whatever your preferred airline, here are the direct services for every airline that currently flies the A380 into Australia.

Picture by Jimmy Harris

There's a lot to like about the A380. Regardless of which airline you travel on, it will usually be the newest model in its fleet, so the onboard entertainment and power options will beat older craft. You won't necessarily pay a premium for flying on it in economy class; in business or first you might well be looking at a bigger price tag, though there are definitely circumstances where that makes sense.


•Auckland-Sydney-Dubai (daily EK413) •Dubai-Sydney-Auckland (daily EK412)


•Sydney-Singapore-London (daily QF31) •London-Singapore-Sydney (daily QF32) •Melbourne-Singapore-London (daily QF9) •London-Singapore-Melbourne (daily QF10) •Sydney-Los Angeles (daily QF11) •Los Angeles-Sydney (daily QF12) •Melbourne-Los Angeles (daily QF93) •Los Angeles-Melbourne (daily QF94) •Sydney-Hong Kong (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays QF127) •Hong Kong-Sydney (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays QF128)

Singapore Airlines

•Sydney-Singapore (daily SQ232, SQ222) •Singapore-Sydney (daily SQ231, SQ221)

Know of an A380 flight that runs to Australia we've missed? Tell us in the comments.


    Who cares, when your squashed in economy any old aircraft is the same. some would argue the newer aircraft are even worse with their pathetic seat pitch.

      The biggest difference is in the cabin noise. The 747 is significantly louder than the A380. The bigger screen is nice as well :)

      Actually the Qantas economy seats on the A380 are noticeably roomier than their normal economy seats.

        +1 to that... A380 seats are wider in Singapore Airlines than their 747s, and have a noticeable increase in the amount of leg room (and I'm talking as a tall, big guy)

          Definitly far comfier. And if you can get an upstairs window seat on Singapore you are laughing.

      ...experience cares, thats who.

      The A380 is 10% slower than the 747 so the seats need to be more comfortable. because you're going to be in them a lot longer.

    I'm still waiting to break my A380 cherry. Hopefully by this year I will!

      Oh Francis, you sexy thing.

      hahaha well said. Ditto to that. But do I want to go to Singapore or Dubai...hmmm

    No A380 for me this year.. maybe next year... Flying AirChina direct to Beijing.

    A380s are wonderful, every major airline should have one. :)
    yes.. I think that. So quiet inside, plus open bar woohoo!

    According to AusBT, the A380 on SQ will be coming back to MEL in March...

    Emirates will start Dubai-Melbourne-Auckland in October... and A380 seats in economy are 1" wider than any other commercial airliner seat because the body of the aircraft is noticably wider on the main deck.

    the Singapore AIr A380 - Top Deck Economy is fantastic. (costs no more) just choose you seat early. Most other airlines have a 1st Class or Premium Cabin upstairs but SG have economy up the top at the back.

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