Qantas Finally Trials In-Flight Internet

Qantas Finally Trials In-Flight Internet

Just a fortnight ago Qantas’ CEO Alan Joyce hinted that Qantas was in no rush to introduce in-flight internet. Fortunately for long-distance travellers, that might have been a slightly disingenuous comment, since Qantas has apparently now begun its long-awaited Wi-Fi offering for A380 passengers.

Picture by Jimmy Harris

Australian Business Traveller reports that while the service hasn’t been officially announced yet, Qantas began running in-flight trials on A380 flights between Australian and both the US and the UK from February 29. Right now it’s only on offer to business and first class passengers. The airline is said to be planning an official launch today, so we’ll keep you posted as more news emerges.

Qantas launches in-flight Internet on Airbus A380 [Australian Business Traveller]


  • Its a pity they are only trialling it with business and first class passengers.

    I am flying economy with them in a weeks time and would love to put the wifi through its paces.

    Cmon Qantas…. look after ALL your passengers.

  • I dont know why they are restricting it to first & business class its not like people will say “oh look wifi in business, i wasn’t going to but that makes the extra $10,000 worth it”

    I suppose it could be to limit the number of people during the trial, but then id think the outrageous fee they will inevitably charge will cover that, then they will say “see we told you no one wanted it”.

  • i’m guessing the letting out of some knuckle children is best performed within the confines of their luxurious sleeper beds

  • It’s a long flight, it will probably just be locked so only First Class and Business Passengers get access. Take a backtrack live CD and best of luck.

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