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I have never fully understood the appeal of a bacon-wrapped scallop. Though I love both of these treasures, meaty, cured bacon is simply too aggressive for the delicate, sweet scallop. It’s self-defeating lily gilding, and I don’t like it. Plus, unless you pre-cook it, the bacon doesn’t have enough time to crisp up properly.

But a seared scallop wrapped in a ramp leaf (which is basically rollable garlic)? That, my friends, is the kind of bougie decadence this rampscallion can get behind.


If you've happened to visit Pinterest in the last five years or so, you have no doubt seen a recipe or 10 for some iteration of three-ingredient, no-knead bread. These recipes are popular for good reason. Not only are these loaves extremely impressive for the amount of work they demand, they are excellent vehicles for any odds and ends you wish to rid your fridge of, from a handful of cheese to lonely fruits and vegetables.