Kristen Mae

  • How To Encourage Your Kid’s Empathy

    When it comes to raising empathetic children, the advice to parents typically has to do with talking to them about the feelings of others, encouraging them to imagine how another person feels, and praising them when they display empathetic behaviour.

  • How To Trick Your Kid Into Becoming A Book Lover

    I’ve always been a huge book nerd, so my dreams of parenting definitely included my kids being as book-obsessed as I am. I love the experience of the real world melting away as I lose myself in a story, and I want my kids to know that feeling too. But when my son Lucas reached…

  • This Is The Type Of Stress Your Kid Needs 

    This Is The Type Of Stress Your Kid Needs 

    As we stood outside the door to the judges’ room, the sheet music clutched in my eight-year-old daughter’s hands visibly trembled. I’d encouraged her to take on a piano piece that really challenged her, and she’d struggled for months with it. She was extra nervous in the days leading up to the performance, to the…