Bryan Menegus

  • Amazon’s Alexa Microwave Is As Dumb As It Is Brilliant

    A voice-activated microwave is a terrible idea and a pointless frivolity, a device which solves a problem almost no one had. Why trust your lying eyes? Amazon’s Basics microwave (with Alexa!) is no such bauble, and as silly a creation as it may appear, it’s the company’s cutthroat business as usual.

  • I Can’t Believe How Stupid Facebook’s News Feed Update Is

    Facebook has been teasing a massive overhaul to the News Feed – its core product – after widespread, utterly deserved criticism that it had acted as a megaphone for disinformation on an unprecedented scale. Today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced how his platform will handle news, and it’s quite possibly the stupidest solution imaginable.

  • Is The New AppleCare Worth It?

    In the midst of iPhone 7 excitement (Two cameras! Ugly headphones! COURAGE!) Apple also made some much quieter changes to its AppleCare+ program. As of last week, enrolling in AppleCare+ means you can get a broken iPhone screen repaired for $45. But is it worth the money?