6 TV Shows to Watch if You’re Missing Prime Video’s Fallout

6 TV Shows to Watch if You’re Missing Prime Video’s Fallout
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Prime Video’s new series Fallout, an adaptation of the popular video game franchise, has proven to be a huge success, with a second season ordered just a week after the first had been released. While the series isn’t even two weeks old, the binge drop of all the episodes has meant we’re now looking down the barrel of a long wait until season 2. If you’re already missing Prime Video’s Fallout series, we’ve compiled a list of suggested TV shows that may scratch that itch.

TV Shows you should watch if you liked Fallout


yellowjackets similar tv shows
Image: Paramount+

Ella Purnell stars as Lucy in Fallout, a vault-dweller who goes on a transformative journey from naive optimist to gritty survivor by the end of her trip through the wasteland. But before Fallout, Purnell actually played another survivor in Yellowjackets. The series follows a girl’s soccer team that crash lands in the Canadian wilderness and are forced to survive a freezing winter.

Watch it on Netflix or Paramount+.

The Last of Us

Screenshot: The Last of Us/HBO, Fair Use
Screenshot: The Last of Us/HBO, Fair Use

Fallout has earned its place amongst the best video game to screen adaptations so far, a title it shares with The Last of Us. The Last of Us is an adaptation of Naughty Dog’s beloved video game series, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, an unlikely pair who must survive a perilous journey across post-apocalypse America. The series is an excellent adaptation of the game’s story, but manages to add extra depth and details that weren’t explored in the games.

Watch The Last of Us on Binge.


fallout similar shows: westworld
Image: HBO/Westworld Twitter

The main similarity that Westworld shares with Fallout is its producers: Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The powerhouse duo have worked on both series and it’s clear they are adept at creating high concept genre stories with intriguing twists and turns – something Westworld has in spades. Westworld is an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s film, which sees guests pay exorbitant amounts of money to live out their wildest dreams at a western theme park filled with expendable human automatons. That is, until the robots decide to fight back.

Westworld is available on Binge.

The 100

the 100 yellowjackets shows
Image: Warner Bros/The CW

Another survival drama that deals with a post-nuclear apocalypse Earth is The 100. While aiming for that YA demographic The 100 managed to go to some pretty dark places during its seven seasons. The series begins by dropping a hundred teenage delinquents onto planet earth to test whether it is survivable for humans again. Once there the group has to go to extreme lengths to survive and comes into conflict with many rival and bloodthirsty factions on the surface.

Watch The 100 on Netflix.


Image: Apple TV+

Silo is a slow burn sci-fi mystery based on Hugh Howey’s hit trilogy of novels. Similar to the vaults in Fallout, Silo is a TV show set entirely within an underground facility that spans hundreds of meters deep, where humans have built a new society to survive the threats of the surface. However, after a number of strange deaths rock the community, an engineer becomes wrapped up in solving the silo’s mysteries.

Silo is available to stream on Apple TV+.

Twisted Metal

Image: Stan/NBC Universal

Fallout’s balance of gritty apocalypse violence paired with satirical humour is one of its greatest achievements. Perhaps the only other video game adaptation that compares tonally is Twisted Metal, a series led by Anthony Mackie’s John Doe, who is tasked with taking a package across a Mad Max-style American wasteland. Twisted Metal leans more into slapstick humour, but it offsets this with plenty of adrenaline-fuelled vehicular action and more than a few familiar post-apocalyptic locations.

Watch Twisted Metal on Stan.

If you, like hundreds of thousands of others, would rather play a Fallout game now that you’ve seen the series here are the ones we recommend you do (and do not) try first.

Lead Image Credit: Stan/Binge/Prime Video


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