3 Dishwasher Myths You Need to Forget Immediately

3 Dishwasher Myths You Need to Forget Immediately

If you’ve moved into a home with the modern luxury that is a dishwasher you might be seeking some of the best ways to use it. As it turns out, dishwashers are pretty controversial appliances and everyone has their own idea of how to use one. So we’re here to break down some of the common dishwasher myths.

Common dishwasher myths

Myth: You should be pre-rinsing your dishes 

If you’re about to put your dishes into a machine that’s going to wash them, do you really need to spend extra time and water pre-rinsing them?

It’s a step in the washing cycle that is a common cause of contention for dishwasher owners. The good news is that most dishwashers are powerful enough these days to eliminate all dirt from your dishes, even if you load them without rinsing. You should, however, scrape off large leftover food pieces before loading them into your dishwasher.

As the folks at LG explain: “This [myth] is not true, particularly if you seek out dishwashers that implement high-end technology. For example, the LG QuadWash Dishwasher uses specialised QuadWash technology that quickly and carefully cleans from multiple angles, ensuring that there are no marks left behind.”

A CHOICE whitegoods expert explained to ABC that rinsing your dishes can actually cause more harm than good as it can “fool” your dishwasher’s sensors into thinking the plates are less dirty than they actually are, therefore resulting in a lighter wash cycle.

Just remember you still need to clean your dishwasher’s food trap, particularly if you’re not rinsing. It’s in the base of your dishwasher and you should clean it at least every three to six months.

Myth: You can’t put delicate pieces in the dishwasher

Another common myth is that you can’t load delicate pieces, like wine glasses, into your dishwasher because you risk breaking them. This isn’t true, particularly if your dishwasher offers a delicate cycle.

The items you place in your dishwasher do still need to be dishwasher safe, but if your machine has steam capabilities, LG uses its QuadWash machines as an example as they utilise TrueSteam tech to create a delicate cycle, then you’re fine to put glass, China and other items in there.

Myth: You should keep the dishwasher door closed after a cycle

One thing that has always confused my household is whether to keep the dishwasher door closed after a cycle is complete.

Some argue that with the use of detergent and Rinse-Aid, your dishes will dry well enough on their own in the machine after a cycle ends. But there are actually more than a few arguments that say you should open your dishwasher door after a cycle is complete.

Domestic + General argues that for better dishwasher maintenance, you should “leave the dishwasher’s door open for a little while after running a cycle, as keeping it shut creates a warm, damp environment that is very comfortable for mould and other microbes.”

If you find that your dishes just aren’t drying after a cycle, opening the door afterwards may eliminate your problems. As Appliances Online explains, “dishwashers clean using hot water, and when their wash cycles are over, the residual steam from this water remains trapped inside the machine. If this steam can’t escape, the moisture will settle back on your dishes, leaving them slippery and damp.”

Some dishwashers even have an auto-open feature that does this step for you.

There you go; just a few of the common dishwasher myths out there busted. If you have other common questions you want to see answered, throw them in the comments and we’ll investigate!

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