All the New Features Coming Soon to Your Android Devices

All the New Features Coming Soon to Your Android Devices

Your Android devices will soon get a handful of new features in the coming weeks, Google has announced. These features include the ability to quick-reply via Android Auto, easier access to the Gemini AI, handwritten feedback in Google Docs, and more. Read on for the full list of features coming soon.

New Android features coming soon

Wear OS is getting transit directions

Google Maps transit directions are coming to Wear OS smartwatches, which means that you won’t need to take your phone out to navigate, and can instead glance down at your wrist to make sure you’re heading the right direction.

Add handwritten notes to Google Docs

The Google Docs interface is easier to use on computers than it is on phones, but Google is introducing a change that’ll make things a little more mobile-friendly. When you’re editing a Google Doc on your Android phone, you’ll be able to add handwritten annotations and feedback with your finger or a stylus.

Android Auto text replies

Improvements to Android Auto will enable it to summarize text conversations and suggest replies so you can respond more quickly on the road while minimizing distractions. Google says it’ll use AI to show you better reply suggestions, such as a button to share your ETA from Google Maps when someone asks how far away you are.

Gemini in Google Messages

Google’s Gemini AI will be integrated within Google Messages. You’ll be able to use the AI to generate ideas for events, draft your messages, or have a conversation with Gemini right in the Google Messages app.

All your health data in one place

The Fitbit app on Android has been redesigned and it can now show your health data from other fitness apps and wearables. Google says data from AllTrails and MyFitnessPal apps, and the Oura Ring wearable, can be viewed in the Fitbit app.

Casting controls for Spotify

Spotify Connect allows you to stream audio from Spotify to other devices in your house. The latest Android update will add Spotify Connect devices to the output switcher, making it easy to cast audio using Spotify.

Improved accessibility features

Google is adding two great accessibility features to Android—an improved screen reader in Google Lens and image captions in Lookout. Android’s screen reader will be able to read out Google Maps ratings, opening and closing hours, and directions to any place that your camera points at in Google Lens. Android will also read out AI-generated captions for images on your phone and on the internet.

Other recent new features

In case you missed it, these other features have recently come to Android devices:

  • Highlight videos in Google Photos: Google Photos allows you to key in a few prompts, such as a location and a year or a month, and it’ll automatically create a highlight video using all the photos and videos that match your filters.
  • Shared lists in Google Maps: You can use Google Maps to make plans with friends. You can create a shared list with multiple people and add places to visit, along with notes to explain your choices.
  • Quick-reply to emails: Gmail recently began allowing you to reply to emails from your Wear OS smartwatch.
  • Back up protected photos: Google Photos’ Locked Folder can now be backed up to the cloud, allowing you to access your password-protected photos from any device.

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