Android 10 Is Coming To Samsung Phones Sooner Than You Think

Android 10 Is Coming To Samsung Phones Sooner Than You Think
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Android 10 has been out for a hot minute, but only Google Pixel owners have been getting the full suite of new features. But that could soon change. A report from SamMobile suggests Samsung Galaxy owners are next to experience the update – and they could get it as soon as early October.

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Android 10 was released on 3 September to Google Pixel owners with other compatible Android devices expected to get the update in the coming months. That release date for Samsung phones might be sooner than expected with SamMobile reporting the beta will roll out in Europe and the United States in early October, based on intel from a trusted Samsung insider.

If both Europe and the US are getting it then, Australia will likely follow closely. In other words, a brace of Galaxy-branded devices could be getting the update in a fortnight or so. This is a significant leap from earlier reports that estimated the OS update wouldn’t arrive on Samsung phones until early 2020.

The insider didn’t specify which models would have access to the beta build but it’s anticipated Samsung’s flagships, such as the recent Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10, would receive it first. Previously, Samsung flagships received the Android 9 Pie beta in November so if the insider is to be believed, it’s tracking ahead of previous years.

Android 10 was released to much fanfare with its new system-wide dark mode and gesture navigation but overall, it fell a little short of expectations. While it was touted as an impressive new update, we found many of the features already existed previously.

Most apps had already enabled dark modes, gesture navigation changes were minimal and smart reply, while useful, isn’t revolutionary. It’s best feature was a new live captions mode, which with the help of AI, delivered captions in real time on captured videos and recorded notes.

Let’s sit tight until October to see whether Samsung device owners will get a neat little surprise.

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