A Quick Guide to All of Samsung’s New S24 Phones

A Quick Guide to All of Samsung’s New S24 Phones
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The start of the year means it’s time for a new round of Samsung phones. The company’s Galaxy Unpacked event this morning revealed the goods, showcasing three new Galaxy S24 phones, plus a couple of other cool announcements. Let’s break it down.

Samsung Galaxy S24 phones breakdown

ai gaming
Image: Samsung

Before we get into the specifics of the phones, it’s worth noting that Samsung’s “big thing” this year is its AI enhancements. The new Galaxy AI allows the S-series phones to use a live translate feature that interprets and translates conversations in different languages on phone calls in real time. An Interpreter feature also makes live conversations between people who are together in real life, with a split screen view text-translation.

A Chat Assist feature is said to help perfect conversational tones to ensure things are communicated as intended, and Note Assist will help organise Samsung Notes with AI-generated summaries and pre-made formats. Transcript Assist, meanwhile, uses AI and text-to-speech to summarise your voice recordings.

All the new phones also come equipped with ProVisual Engine, which is a suite of AI-powered tools to help with image capture and quality and enhance features like Nightography and generative editing for image backgrounds.

Samsung S24 and S24+

samsung galaxy s24
Image: Samsung

When it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy S-series phones you probably know the gist of it by now, so let’s just go over some of the new features to this lineup.

Each phone has a new 1-120Hz varied refresh rate and a brightness peak of 2,600 nits. All the devices have slimmer bezels, making the screen surface appear even larger, and the S24+ supports the same level of QHD+ as the Ultra.

Camera-wise, the lineup is pretty much the same as last year, with a 12MP Ultra-wide, 50MP wide, 10MP telephoto and 12MP front camera. The devices have options of 8GB or 12GBs of RAM and come in 256GB and 512GB sizes.

Now, let’s talk colours. The S24 and S24+ are available in Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet and Amber Yellow, with Samsung exclusive colours being Sapphire Blue, Jade Green and Sandstone Orange.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

samsung s24 ultra
Image: Samsung

This year the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a few noticeable changes.

The device is powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset which is intended to power heavy-duty video recording, editing and gaming all from your smartphone. The phones all come with 12GB of RAM and are available with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB storage options.

The Ultra is built with a vapour chamber that is 1.9x larger than the previous iteration, allowing for improved thermal control and more powerful performance outputs, such as ray tracing. Samsung added it is partnering with industry-leading gaming partners to bring more games to Samsung mobile.

The S24 Ultra also has a new titanium chassis and a flatter display, making it thinner and with a more comfortable grip, and, like the other S24 phones, it has a 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate.

On the camera side of things, the S24 Ultra has a 12MP Ultra-wide, 200MP wide, 50MP and 10MP telephoto (with up to 5x optical zoom) and a 12MP front camera. Unlike the other phones, the Ultra comes equipped with an S-Pen.

Colour options for the S24 Ultra include Titanium Grey, Titanium Black, Titanium Violet and Samsung exclusives, Titanium Blue, Titanium Green and Titanium Orange.

Pricing and Plans

samsung galaxy s24
Image: Samsung

Ok, let’s talk about the important stuff – release dates and pricing for the new S24 phones.

All of the devices will be available for pre-order as of January 18, with local availability starting February 7, 2024.

The prices for each device are as follows:

Galaxy S24

  • $1,399 (256GB)
  • $1,599 (512GB)

Galaxy S24+

  • $1,699 (256GB)
  • $1,899 (512GB)

Galaxy S24 Ultra

  • $2,199 (256GB)
  • $2,399 (512GB)
  • $2,799 (1TB)

If you’re after some of the best pre-order deals for Samsung’s phones, we have a rundown of the top S24 and S24+ plans here, the best S24 Ultra plans here and the cheapest plans for all the different devices here.

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Lead Image Credit: Samsung


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