These Are The Best Watch Faces for Apple Watch

These Are The Best Watch Faces for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is much more than just a wrist computer. Sure, it helps you track your workouts, answer calls, and manage notifications. But it’s also a fashion accessory, with customizations limited not only to what band you’re using, but also your watch face.

Apple offers around 60 watch faces, covering everything from whimsical and fashionable to utilitarian. There’s something here for everyone. But 60 is a lot to go through on your own. We’re here to help you narrow down your search for the best watch faces.

From left to right: California, Chronograph Pro, Infograph.

California: This is a watch face with a relatively classic look. You have a traditional analog dial that can switch between Roman numerals, Arabic, or the classic pill shape. The only downside is you are limited to two complications (the widgets you can add to a watch face).

Chronograph Pro: This watch face mimics the classic analog stopwatch with a precision timer. You can record scales of three, six, 30, or 60 seconds, or you can set a tachometer to measure speed based on time travelled over a fixed distance. You get four complications surrounding the watch face.

Infograph: Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. Infograph is an analog watch face with up to eight complications—four surrounding the watch face, and four inside the watch face. The one inside even extends to the watch face, showing text around the edge.

Memoji: The Memoji watch face is downright fun. You can set any of the Animoji or your Memoji characters on the watch face, and every time you use your watch, they animate and come to life. Make a Memoji for your partner or SO, add it to the watch face, and you’ve got an elevated version of keeping their photo as a wallpaper.

From left to right: Memoji, Modular, California.

Modular: This is the original watch face, and it’s still something I use from time to time. It’s great for people who want to see a lot of information at a time, without an analog face getting in the way. You can set a widget-style large complication, and even the round icons can show specific data. There’s also a variant called Modular Compact which shows an analog clock, and three complications. The Modular Duo watch face has room for two large complications.

Metropolitan: This is a lovely type-driven analog watch face. It wakes up with a subtle animation, transitioning from pills to numbers, and it looks superb on the newer watch faces. You get different versions of the watch face, with color combinations for the dial and the background. Four complications around the watch face come in handy as well.

Portraits: I find the regular Photos watch face a bit boring, especially compared to Portraits. Rather than simply show a chosen photo on the face, each image is displayed with a bokeh effect with the digital time layered partially in front of or behind the subject, creating a dramatic effect. You can choose up to 24 images to cycle through, and includes two complications.

From left to right: Typograph, Bounce.

Typograph: If you love typography, you will love this watch face. It’s a classy option that shows an analog clock, with a couple different styles for the numerals. You can go from four big ones, to a regular, yet stylish 12 numeral layouts. The watch face has no complications, no digital watch, and it’s better for it.

Nike: Nike used to have a range of watch faces exclusive for Nike Apple Watches. Now that Apple doesn’t make Nike watches anymore (they still make Nike bands), all the Nike watch faces are available to everyone. Even if you don’t use the Nike Running app, you can use the watch faces for a pop of color that is sorely missing from other watch faces. The Bounce watch face, for example, moves as you move, and bounces when you tap on the display.

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