Pedestrian Television Has Landed on Aussie Screens

Pedestrian Television Has Landed on Aussie Screens

A new channel has hit Aussie screens this week: PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION.

Our parent company (Pedestrian Group) has launched the channel and it will include our very own pieces of wild and wacky content, along with cult classic movies and TV shows. Keep your eyes peeled, because Lifehacker Australia will also be making an appearance soon!


In good news for anyone plagued with decision fatigue, PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION is carefully curated for young Aussies, so they always have something to turn up, tune in, or zone out to.

There will be content from our friends over at PEDESTRIAN.TV (stuff they’ve created that you’d usually see on Instagram, TikTok and more) and a mixture of music vids, comedy, reality, movies and super niche series. Basically, you can discover new stuff and rediscover classics – all in the one place.


Now, to the juicy part!

Expect cult classic films that you used to be able to rent at Video Ezy. We’re talking everything from So I Married An Axe Murderer (Mike Myers’ first film post-Wayne’s World) to Bottle Rocket (Wes Anderson’s directorial debut), Jawbreaker (Rose McGowan’s iconic 90s flick) and The Blob (the most camp 80s horror in existence).

In terms of TV, there are whack reality shows like Bromans, where folks battle it out in ancient Rome (in case you’ve been thinking about it lately), Release The Hounds, where contestants try to complete tasks in a forest before a pack of hungry dogs is sent after them, and Murder House Flip  (a home reno show that turns actual crime scenes into gorgeous houses).


It’s FREE, baby. You can stream or watch all of this chaotic content on demand on 9Now. All you need is a working internet connection and a 9Now account. Then, simply jump to the PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION channel in the 9Now app on your TV, phone, or browser, and it’s all yours.

Happy watching!

Image: Jawbreaker

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