Why SuperMansion Is One of the Most Underrated Animated Shows, Ever

Why SuperMansion Is One of the Most Underrated Animated Shows, Ever

TV show SuperMansion first aired on our television screens in 2015. That’s almost a decade ago, so why am I bringing it to your attention now?

There was a bit going on during the year that was 2015 — same-sex marriage was legalised through the United States and water was discovered on Mars.

There’s every chance you might’ve missed this show that is packed to the brim with our fave comedic voices, or that you just forgot about it completely, which is a shame considering how bloody good it is.

After all, it did receive Emmy nominations.

So why should I care about this SuperMansion show?

Created by Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich (the brains behind long-standing pop culture favourite Robot Chicken), SuperMansion is an adult animated stop-motion sitcom about superhero Titanium Rex and his team, The League of Freedom.

The show follows the ageing superheroes as they struggle to stay relevant (and to keep everyone safe) in an ever-changing world alongside lazy and unbothered millennials.

Why is this weirdly relatable? I’d be lying if I said the next generation didn’t make me question my entire existence.

Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston takes the wheel as Titanium Rex (and as executive producer on the show) alongside Saturday Night Live comedic legend Heidi Gardner as Cooch, a cat with a Southern accent.

The cast also features Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown (Zenith) and Dax Shephard (Titanium Dax), and scored Emmy award nominations for Don’t Worry Darling‘s Chris Pine as mad scientist, villain and former League of Freedom member Dr Devizo, as well as Keegan-Michael Key‘s role as American Ranger.

Even creators Wells and Senreich feature throughout the three SuperMansion seasons, adding to one hell of a recurring and guest voiceover cast. Seriously, the IMDb page both hurts and excites my brain.

SuperMansion is an easy watch when you’ve got loads of other things dominating your headspace — whether you chuck it on before bed, as background watching while cleaning your room or as a hangover cure attempt.

It’s not going to require any plot line-connecting or maths on your time away from the computer.

If you haven’t watched it already, give it a crack during your next lazy binge. If you have, then I think eight years is enough time to warrant a revisit.

Adulting’s bloody hard and sometimes we just need something funny and mindless to chuck on.

The good news is, you don’t have to go searching through different streaming services to find it now, eight years later than you should’ve watched it the first time. The first season is ready for you to watch on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free.

Watch SuperMansion and more for free on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION, streaming chaos, 24/7 on 9Now.

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