This ‘Moods Kit’ Uses Smell, Touch and Talk to Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level

This ‘Moods Kit’ Uses Smell, Touch and Talk to Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level
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Australian sex toy brand Normal is notorious for collaborating with the best of the best to bring you cutting-edge products in the sexual wellness space. And today is no different. Launching earlier this week, Normal has teamed up with genderless fragrance brand, Who Is Elijah to bring you the collab of dreams – their latest creation – the Moods Kit

Designed to prioritise building arousal and fostering a deeper connection with yourself or your partner, the Moods Kit is a catalyst for better, more memorable sex and intimacy.

The Moods Kit, $150 

“When I speak to my clients about some of their most memorable and positive sexual experiences, there are a few themes in the stories they’ll share with me,” Normal’s sex coach Georgia Grace said.

“They’re often memorable when they’ve had time to build arousal in their own body, set the context and set the mood around sex, but also where they’ve had time to feel connected to their own body or the person or people that they’re having sex with”.

With these themes in mind, The Moods Kit includes three unique fragrances from Who Is Elijah, Sync Set conversation cards, and Rub Me oil. As an added bonus, when you purchase the Moods Kit before October 30, you’ll receive a cheeky 50% discount on any Normal sex toy. Simply use the code ‘VIPMOODS’ at checkout to claim the exclusive launch offer.

How do you use The Moods Kit for better sex?

Start with the conversation cards

normal sex toys x who is elijah mood kit sex toy sale

The Moods Kit includes 50 conversation starter questions created by Georgia Grace herself. Covering a wide range of topics, from pleasure and libido to dating and relationships, these questions are designed to spark meaningful and intimate discussions including “When do you feel most sexually confident?” and “What turns you on?”. These cards set the tone for a more intimate connection between you and your partner — or understanding yourself better. 

Capture the mood with fragrance

The sense of smell plays a significant role in creating a sensual and sexy atmosphere. With the Moods Kit, you have the opportunity to choose from three distinct fragrances:

normal sex toys x who is elijah mood kit sex toy sale

Muse: Exude confidence with earthy, musky, and floral notes reminiscent of your favourite leather jacket.

Nightcap: Perfect for night owls, this fragrance features woody, earthy, and leather undertones.

Morning After: Relive memories from the night before with this scent, characterized by woody, leather, and musky accords.

Selecting the fragrance that resonates with your mood can influence arousal and enhance your overall sexual experience.

Get sensual with body oil

normal sex toys x who is elijah mood kit sex toy sale

Included in the Moods Kit is a luxurious, all-natural body oil. As versatile as they come, this oil can be used for slow, sensual massages, as a relaxing bath oil or simply applied all over for long-lasting hydration. It’s also made from organic, vegan ingredients and scented with almond, sweet orange and patchouli oils to elevate your sensory experience.

Don’t miss out on nabbing a 50 per cent discount on any Normal sex toy, either. You just have to purchase the NORMAL x Who is Elijah Moods Kit before October 30 and use the code ‘VIPMOODS’ at the checkout.

Happy shopping!

Image Credit: NORMAL x Who is Elijah


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