12 Christmas Gag Gift Ideas That’ll Spice Up Secret Santa This Year

12 Christmas Gag Gift Ideas That’ll Spice Up Secret Santa This Year
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The rules of Secret Santa are usually quite simple. An even number of friends or colleagues gather together, trade names and anonymously choose presents for each other. Some groups like to agree on a set budget while others like to pen a wishlist to give their secret gift-giver a few options to choose between. On the gift exchange day, participants try to guess which person in the group gifted which present.

Some gift-givers know just what to do to impress their Secret Santa while others scratch their heads and wonder how they’re going to find the perfect gift. Secret Santa then becomes a game of strategy as the clueless try to converse with their recipient by asking for hints as subtly as possible. The number one rule? Don’t give yourself away.

But for some of us, we like to take this festive game as a fun opportunity to cause a little mischief, because what’s life without a little fun? If you want to stir the pot at this year’s work Christmas party, then look no further because we’ve cherry-picked some very funny Secret Santa gift ideas to surprise your unsuspecting victim colleague with.

The Best Novelty Gift Ideas For Secret Santa

Your Face Printed On Just About Anything

Aussie company Print Bar allows you to create custom merch without having to order it in bulk, meaning if you wanna pop your mug on a t-shirt and gift it to absolutely everyone you know, you can. We’re loving this cute doggo design from @stephlamdesign.

A Caddy Full of Pens

If you know your colleague considers themselves a bit of a golfer, this little pen caddy is a pretty unique Secret Santa pressie.

This Inflatable Antler Ring Toss Game

funny secret santa gift ideas christmas

If you’d like to stick to a Christmas theme for your Kris Kringle gift, this little Reindeer Ring Toss game is a fun option. Talk about Reindeer games.

Recipes: The Cocktail Deck Of Cards

If they prefer things shaken, not stirred. This is a brilliant gift idea for that co-worker who likes Friday arvo drinks. It’s also a super handy gift.

A World’s Okayest Boss Desk Sign

funny secret santa gift ideas christmas

Keen to take a cheeky jab at your boss? This gag plaque is a funny way to get them all riled up. We’d only recommend giving this to your boss if you know they have the sense of humour to see the funny side of it.

This Cheeky A5 Flat Water Bottle

A5 water bottles are super handy if you know your co-worker likes an emotional support water bottle. We especially love the cheeky write-up on the side.

Cotton On Classic Dad Cap

While this one is less of a gag gift, it is a good Secret Santa gift for your workmate who loves a dad cap and good vibes.

These Poppit Stress Sheets

For that colleague who always seems stressed, a packed of Poppit Sheets. Who wouldn’t love these?

funny secret santa gift ideas christmas

A Plant Life Support Packet

We all have that one co-worker who just can’t seem to keep their desk plant alive. Not only is this a great gift idea, but also a cheeky jab at their plant-parenting skills.

These Llama Cleaning Slippers

Sorry, but we couldn’t go past these llama-cleaning slippers. What a funny Secret Santa gift idea, and a helpful one, too!

funny secret santa gift ideas christmas

This Movie Popcorn Bucket List

This Movie Popcorn Bucket List is the perfect gift idea for a colleague who considers themselves a bit of a cinephile.

Llama Duster Desktop Cleaning Pet

Okay, okay. The cleaning Llamas have a chokehold on us today. But how cute is this little guide? He’s the perfect way to dust off your crusty desk and remove crumbs from your keyboard.

funny secret santa gift ideas christmas

Want more Christmas gift ideas? We’ve found a bunch of them right here.

Image Credit: Print Bar / Dad Shop


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