Binge Is Getting 4K Streaming and a Price Increase This Month

Binge Is Getting 4K Streaming and a Price Increase This Month

Australia’s streaming market is inundated with options right now (and it’s only getting busier). This means streaming services really need to hustle to provide subscribers something special, and Binge is the latest to update its offerings with 4K streaming capabilities (and new prices).

Binge adds 4K streaming

Since its launch (and relaunch), Binge has offered its subscribed standard definition or high-definition streams of content on its platform. While others like Netflix and Stan quickly provided 4K streams of content to their premium subscribers, it’s not something Binge has done up unto this point, which is a shame considering the service is home to a lot of HBO 4K-worthy content like The Last of Us and Game of Thrones.

On October 5, Binge announced it would offer 4K streaming capabilities to Standard and Premium tier customers, starting from late October. Its 4K streams of selected content will be available to subscribers, but in addition, they will need a 4K compatible television with a minimum internet speed of 25Mbps.

“We know customers love streaming entertainment in 4K, especially big production shows like House of the Dragon and The Last of Us, which is why I am so pleased that we can now provide this feature,” Binge executive director Alison Hubert-Burns said in a statement.

Additionally, the streamer is offering a handful of new live news streaming channels.

Updated pricing tiers

This new feature has come with a price increase for subscribers as well.

As it currently stands, these are Binge’s pricing tiers:

  • Basic with ads – $10
  • Standard – $16
  • Premium $18

From October 24, 2023, Binge will increase the Standard subscription tier to $18 a month and the Premium subscription tier to $22 a month. Both of these tiers will be capable of 4K streaming when it launches and also offer an ad-free experience and streams on multiple devices.

As Binge does not offer annual streaming plans, these new prices will impact Premium and Standard subscribers in their next billing cycle on or after October 24.

“As we continually invest in bringing the world’s best content to our customers, powered by the most extensive and diverse content supply of any entertainment streaming company in Australia, as well as ongoing investment in producing premium Australian stories, our subscription prices have changed,” an FAQ on the Binge website reads.

For a list of what’s streaming on Binge this month, check out our guide.

Lead Image Credit: HBO/Binge


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