Hungry Jack’s UNO Is Back if You’ve Got a Craving for Some Freebies

Hungry Jack’s UNO Is Back if You’ve Got a Craving for Some Freebies

If you like your burgers with a side of entertainment, you’re in luck, folks. Fast-food chain Hungry Jack’s has announced that it once again is teaming up with the card game that brings out the competitive streak in the whole family, UNO.

Hungry Jacks UNO competition

From Tuesday, May 2 through to Monday, June 12, Hungry Jack’s customers will be able to take their chance at winning over $140 million worth of prizes by dining in-restaurant or making purchases via drive-thru, delivery or in-app.

When you grab yourself any medium or large burger meal (large meals offer more chances to win), during the promotion period, you’ll be able to play in this national UNO game, and, hopefully, pocket some goodies, along the way.

Scott Baird, Hungry Jack’s Chief Marketing Officer said of the event:

“This year we’re upping the ante and making it even easier to win big with UNO. There are more chances to win a share of $100,000 in cash prizes and to keep Aussies on their toes we’ve introduced six mystery prizes. All prizes must be claimed, but you’ll have to be in it to win it, so SKIP your plans and head into Hungry Jack’s”.

Prizes include two new Mitsubishi ASXs, Samsung Home Entertainment Systems, $2,500 Travel Escapes, Free Fuel with Shell and plenty of free food and drinks from Hungry Jack’s.

When playing Hungry Jack’s UNO game, and peeling away the UNO card, you’ll have a one-in-four chance of walking away with a prize – not too shabby.

How to play

hungry jacks uno
Hungry Jack’s Australia website

When playing this year’s Hungry Jack’s UNO, there are three ways you can win. As listed on the Hungry Jacks UNO website, here is how you can walk away with prizes.

  1. Instant win: Purchase any participating product for a 1 in 4 chance to WIN instantly!
  2. Collect to win: Collect a unique set of three gold WILD cards for a chance to win a share of $100k in cash prizes.
  3. Second chance draw: Enter the Second Chance Draw for more chances to win.

Full guide on how to play Hungry Jack’s UNO here.

For full details on how to play, including the full prize list and terms and conditions, please visit This is also where you can claim larger prizes if you’re lucky enough to land yourself one.

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