Coles Has a Cheap New Southern-Style Hot Roast Chicken

Coles Has a Cheap New Southern-Style Hot Roast Chicken

If you are at all claiming to be an Australian you’ve probably had a supermarket hot roast chook at some point in your life. Perhaps you even swear by them. Speaking as someone who used to work in a supermarket and burnt the flesh off my hands in order to provide the glorious roast chicken, I recognise its impact. But I would do it all again if it meant providing the people with this new flavour of roast chicken at Coles.

Coles has been known to experiment with its roast chicken flavours, bringing us the limited edition Vegemite chook last year.

Now it’s launched a new flavour in time for winter, the Southern Style Roast Chicken.

So what can we expect from this new flavour sensation? Here’s how Coles describes it:

Southern Style hot roast chickens are prepared with a buttermilk marinade for deliciously tender meat, and contain a flavour-packed Southern-inspired stuffing which includes onion, garlic and a secret blend of herbs and spices.

Ugh, drool. Coles also provides some ideas for how to serve its new Southern Style chicken:

Pairing perfectly with American BBQ-style sides like coleslaw, pickles, mac n’ cheese and ranch dressing, Southern Style roast chooks are also great additions to sandwiches, salads or as an easy, no-fuss dinner on its own.

It’s kind of like a cheaper KFC, right?

If you’re thinking that tonight’s dinner is now sorted you can head over to your nearest Coles and pick up a Southern Style chicken, because they hit stores as of May 10. One of these hot roast chooks will set you back $13.

You’d better take advantage while you can though because, unfortunately, the Southern Style roast chicken is a limited edition so eat as many as you can while you can.

If you’re after other cheap, quick and easy meals during this here cost-of-living crisis may we direct you to some recipes from TikTok’s $10 meal challenge? Enjoy.

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