Why You Need to Stop ‘Rage Applying’ for Jobs

Why You Need to Stop ‘Rage Applying’ for Jobs

What do you do when you feel undervalued, unsupported, and unhappy at work? One way to harness your anger is to send out a flurry of job applications — you don’t care where your resume is going, just so long as you’re doing something with all the anger you feel at your current gig.

But when it comes to the job search, going for quantity over quality comes with some risks. Here’s why “rage applying” is all the rage right now, and what you should do instead.

What is rage applying?

Like with “quiet quitting” last year, “rage applying” is a term that went viral on TikTok but is not, in fact, anything new. And like quiet quitting, rage applying is what it sounds like: You furiously apply for new roles because you’re frustrated with your current job situation. The trendiness of the term speaks to the fact that a lot of workers are feeling general unrest right now.

Even if you don’t plan on actually leaving your job, rage applying is a way to channel your dissatisfaction into taking action. At the very least, it’s a quiet act of revenge when you feel helpless in your current role.

The risks of rage applying

However, if you’re looking for real results, the “rage” part of rage applying means that you’re probably not taking the time to research the employer or pay special attention to the application itself. You fail to cater your resume to a specific posting or craft a compelling cover letter.

This slew of rage applications could lead to less-than-ideal outcomes. You might not put your best foot forward at a job you sincerely do want, or you won’t hear back, heightening your sense of frustration. Or you could end up at a job where you’ll still be dissatisfied, allowing the cycle of rage to continue.

Channel your rage strategically

Rage applying might feel good in the moment, but in the long run, you’ll want to reign in your rage and apply to jobs with more care. If you’re being pushed to the brink through “quiet firing” and stifled growth, observe your feelings. Recognise your rage for what it is: a signal that it’s time to move on from your current role. From there, you can harness your rage thoughtfully, so that you can secure a job that will actually meet your needs.

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