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Teach Kids About Fairness vs Equity With the Band-Aid Lesson

Kids have a tendency to think that “fair” means “equal.” An older sibling having a later bedtime isn’t fair; one child having a rough day and receiving special one-on-one time with a parent isn’t fair. But there’s a trick elementary teachers use to teach kids the difference between fairness and…

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How to Reach Emotional Sobriety & Why It Matters

When we think of sobriety, it’s usually in terms of no longer using alcohol or recreational drugs, but it’s more complicated than that. According to the definition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), sobriety means “not being intoxicated,” then goes on to explain that sobriety is…

Is Your Kid Acting Out, Or Just Sad?

Is Your Kid Acting Out, Or Just Sad?

It sounds like yet another sibling argument. Or stomping feet followed by a slammed door. It sounds like loud voices and defiance or those two particularly whiny words parents everywhere love: I’m bored. It sounds like a lot of different things, but what it actually might be is sadness.