Standing the Test of Time: Classic Movies That Are Still Worth a Watch Today

Standing the Test of Time: Classic Movies That Are Still Worth a Watch Today

The best classic movies are those that have stood the test of time. Rotten Tomatoes defines ‘classic’ as “everything released from the birth of cinema (at the turn of the 20th century) up until 1969”. After this, the era of modern film begins.

So what are the best classic movies of all time? While Rotten Tomatoes has a list of 100, we’ve narrowed it down to the classic films that you should watch to be an expert on this great era of cinema.

The best classic movies of all time

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1967)

best classic movies
Best classic movies.

The third film in the Dollars trilogy, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is one of the best spaghetti westerns of all time.

With a bounty over his head in multiple towns, Tuco (Eli Wallach) teams up with the mysterious ‘Blondie’ (Clint Eastwood) in a plan that benefits the two of them. Blondie pretends to capture Tuco, gets the bounty money, and just before Tuco is hung, Blondie shoots the rope. They split the money and repeat. But their plan is abruptly stopped when they find out about a hidden stash of money. They’ll need to keep working together to get to the money before the criminal Angel Eyes takes it first.

Rotten Tomatoes score: 97%

Psycho (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock is a household name in cinema. His classic movie Psycho is famous for the shower scene and is also the first film to show a toilet flushing.

After stealing $40,000 from her work, Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) is on the run from the police. Tired from driving all day, she comes across the Bates Motel. Here she meets the strange motel owner, Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).

Rotten Tomatoes score: 96%

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

best classic movies 2
Best classic movies.

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most well-known in all of popular culture, cementing it as one of the best classic movies of all time.

Dorothy (Judy Garland) and her dog Toto are transported to Oz when a tornado travels through Kansas. They follow the Yellow Brick Road to find the wizard who will help them return home. On her journey, Dorothy meets a cast of characters who are all looking for help from the wizard too.

Rotten Tomatoes score: 98%

Seven Samurai (1954)

Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai was the first film to use the trope of assembling a team — something we still see in films today.

After coming across a village plagued by bandits, a samurai offers to protect them in exchange for shelter and food. Upon finding out that there are over 40 bandits on their way, the samurai finds six others to help him train the villagers and show them how to defend themselves.

Rotten Tomatoes score: 100%

Mary Poppins (1964)

mary poppins
Best classic movies.

A classic whimsical story of family and love, Mary Poppins is still a must-watch film to this day.

Two children are told they’ll be getting a new nanny after their father says he’s too busy to spend time with them. Their wish for “the perfect nanny” is fulfilled when Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) floats down from the clouds with her umbrella. Magical adventures ensue as the children follow Mary Poppins and her friend, Bert (Dick Van Dyke).

Rotten Tomatoes score: 96%

After taking a peek at this list of classic films, if you’re curious about what the best movies of all time are, here is our list of the best movies of all time according to Rotten Tomatoes.

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