The Handy Is a Sexual Wellness Device That Does Exactly What You Think It Does

The Handy Is a Sexual Wellness Device That Does Exactly What You Think It Does

A Norwegian company by the name of Sweet Tech has used CES 2023 to showcase a new ‘smart stroker’, known affectionately as The Handy.

The Handy has a physical component that is placed over your penis. The device itself is quite light, and you would be forgiven if you thought it was a speaker.

the handy
Introducing the Handy. Image: Asha Barbaschow/Gizmodo Australia

To use the Handy, simply plug the device into power, squeeze some lube into the sleeve, and then insert your erect penis. Next, you’ll want to strap the band to the tightness you prefer and press the ‘on’ button. From there, you can control the speed as to which the sleeve moves up and down. It can go up to 600 strokes per minute.

The company behind the device markets this thing as “Masturbation powered by the internet”. While you can control the speed/intensity via the device itself, you can also pair it with…content. The API behind the Handy is open, allowing creators to sync anything from specifically curated porn to audio and even VR content.

That means, whatever is happening on the screen will happen to you via the Handy. You can also control the Handy via the internet – not an app – but details of your device can be shared with another person (via a connection key), and they can remotely control the device for you.

As the API is open, however, if you’re particularly tech-savvy, you could always make your own content. Users have even connected the Handy to Alexa and to a PlayStation controller.

Chatting with the team behind the device at CES, the Handy is more than just another sex toy to them. In fact, they’d even consider it “more like a Tesla of the sex toy space”.

The Handy is mains-powered, which means it has to have the cable attached while you’re using it. The company is working on future iterations of the device that are battery-powered, and they’re also working on an attachment to give users a more hands-free experience. This also is the beginning of the company’s plans to make it a more inclusive device, after already collaborating with a Norwegian ex-boxer who lives with ALS.

the handy
Image: Asha Barbaschow/Gizmodo Australia

The Handy retails for $US199, and you can add extra sleeves to your order for $US15-$US37. You can get it shipped to Australia, and you will be charged in USD, so right now, you’d be looking at $295, not including postage.

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