Start 2023 off With This List of Sage Life Tips

Start 2023 off With This List of Sage Life Tips

It’s the start of a new year, which means loads of people are currently resolving to become the best version of themselves (in whatever way works for them). How you choose to approach that task is completely up to you, but I’m of the opinion that small tweaks to your daily habits tend to work best. This is why I was so intrigued when I saw that a New York Times article titled ‘The Greatest Life Hacks in the World (for Now)’ by David Brooks had gone viral by way of TikTok.

TikTok creator Emilie Leyes shared a selection of the NYT’s greatest life hacks, and it completely took off, amassing over 800K views at the time of writing.

You can watch her full video below:

Our favourite life hacks from the NYT list

Before you dive into this list, it’s useful to know that it’s mostly made up of life advice – not hacks about how to fry the perfect egg. There are nifty life hacks in there, but the article mostly offers tips about making life more enjoyable in terms of personal interactions and experiences. And who out there doesn’t need a little help in that area?

David Brooks wrote this opinion piece with inspiration from tech journalist Kevin Kelly and other sage advice he’s come across over the years, and I have to say, it is packed full of gems.

Some of my favourite life hacks from the list include:

“It’s not an apology if it comes with an excuse.”

“Take photos of things your parents do every day. That’s how you’ll want to remember them.”

“Marriage is a 50-year conversation. Marry someone you want to talk with for the rest of your life.”

“Make the day; don’t let the day make you. Make sure you are setting your schedule, not just responding to invitations from others.”

And, finally, “If you meet a jerk once a month, you’ve met a jerk. If you meet jerks every day, you’re a jerk.”

You can read the New York Times article in full here. And if you’re after more life hacks, well… we happen to have a few more waiting for you.

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