How to Fix the Wireless Charging on Your Pixel

How to Fix the Wireless Charging on Your Pixel

At this point, wireless charging is a staple feature we expect from smartphones. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you know you can plop your dying device on a Qi charger and see slow and steady results. However, it seems Google accidentally killed wireless charging on its Pixels with a recent Android update. If your Pixel is among those affected, rest assured that you can fix it.

What broke wireless charging on your Pixel?

There are more than a few complaints on r/Android about defunct wireless charing on Pixels, many of which aren’t new. One post from Aug. 17 explains the situation the same way as a post from Oct. 4. The issue seems to stem from Android 13: While Google’s “latest and greatest” ships with a handful of fun new features, it appears to cripple wireless charging on certain Pixels.

Based on the posts and comments on r/Android, Pixel 4XLs are the most affected, but other Pixels seem to be in danger as well, including the Pixel 6 Pro. Complaints allege that the Pixel will sometimes say it’s charging when it’s really not, while other times it will begin to charge before shutting off.

How to fix the broken wireless charging on your Pixel

Many attempts to solve the issue were futile, but fortunately the latest security update might be the fix — at least according to user djc-503. They claim wireless charging was broken until the latest security update, which restored wireless charging on their Pixel 4. To install this security update, head to Settings > System > System update.

However, if the update doesn’t fix things for you, there’s another way. User SnooDrawings7662 was able to bring back wireless charging to both their Pixel 4XL and Pixel 6 Pro through the following:

To start, clear the cache on your Google Pixel Stand App by going to Settings > Storage > Other Apps, choosing the Pixel Stand app, then choosing “Clear Cache.” Next, boot into Safe Mode by pressing and holding the power button, long-pressing “Power Off,” then by choosing “Reboot to safe mode.” Once your device boots back up, pair your Pixel with your Pixel Stand. Then reboot your phone to exit Safe Mode. Your Pixel should start wirelessly charging again.

Of course, you shouldn’t have to follow a convoluted series of steps to access a key feature of your experience smartphone. But that seems to be Google’s M.O. these days.



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