Tantalise Your Senses With These 5 TikTok-Hyped Pheromone Perfumes

Tantalise Your Senses With These 5 TikTok-Hyped Pheromone Perfumes
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So, let us guess, you’ve finally succumbed to all the TikTok hype about pheromone perfumes, and you’re looking to get your mitts on one of these — alleged — miracle scents to get your office crush to fall in love with you? Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve searched high and low to secure you some solid pheromone perfume recommendations available in Australia, so you can be confident in your purchase.

For context, pheromones are chemicals that have evolved to elicit a certain behaviour within a species, so these perfumes reportedly contain ingredients that are designed to blend with your own body’s pH and make you smell “irresistible” to others, says TikToker @erinduganjurchak.


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While there’s no scientific evidence that actually proves a correlation between the two, the perfume has blown up all over TikTok for being a game-changer — so much so that the hashtag #pheromoneperfume has garnered over 46.8 million views alone. This is complemented by over 52,000 reviews on Amazon for the popular Pure Instinct Oil, with customers singing its praises.

Although, with the good comes the bad, as some people said they aren’t a fan of the smell and that it didn’t do anything for them. So, when it comes down to it, we think choosing one with notes of scents you like is key — the rest will take care of itself.

Pure Instinct Unisex Pheromone Fragrance Oil

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Image: eBay

This baby is the most popular pheromone oil on TikTok. With over 52,000 reviews, you only have to spend a few minutes scrolling to see how much people love it. Made with notes of honey, mandarin, Australian mango, cinnamon and white musk, most reviewers say it smells great and garners compliments, but the hyped-up idea that people will be falling at your feet with how irresistible this perfume is, is far from the reality.

Where to buy: Amazon ($34), eBay ($35.01 with code ‘BRANDS5OFF’)

Pure Instinct Pheromone Fragrance Oil For Her

Pheromone perfume Australia, pheromones, pheromone oil, pure instinct pheromone
Image: eBay

If you want a softer, this vanilla and sandalwood-infused combo is a nice variation of the original Pure Instincts oil. Similar to its predecessor, it’s also roll-on and compact, which makes for easy reapplication and portability throughout the day.

Where to buy: Catch ($34.58), eBay ($36.05 with code ‘BRANDS5OFF’)

Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne Oil For Him

Image: Catch

Alternatively, the line also carries a “For Him” oil if you prefer a stronger bergamot, citrus and cedarwood infusion. If oil is not your forte, and you’d prefer a cologne spray blend, you can also use this bad boy by Pure Instincts instead.

Where to buy: Catch ($33.72)

Simply Sexy Lust Pheromone Infused Perfume

Image: Catch

Moving away from the cult-fave brand, we also have some other great choices, like Simply Sexy’s Lust pheromone fragrance. Infused with exotic notes of jasmine, white musk and vanilla, this is the one if you’re a sweet perfume girly (like me). It’s also roll-on, so you can keep it with you in a clutch or purse wherever you go.

Where to buy: Catch ($32.85), eBay ($36.09 with code ‘BRANDS5OFF’)

Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume EDP Spray

Pheromone perfume Australia, pheromones, pheromone oil, pure instinct pheromone


While this isn’t the cult-fave TikTok brand either, it still sits at a whopping 4.2 stars on Adore Beauty for smelling amazing and garnering compliments but not being too in-your-face.

It also contains only Cetalox (also known as Ambroxan), a molecule that enhances other scents and works with your unique skin chemistry so that it smells different on every wearer. This means you can layer another perfume on top of it to create and elongate your dream signature scent.

Where to buy: Adore Beauty ($49)


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