Find Your Perfect Perfume Or Cologne With A Cheap Sample Kit

Find Your Perfect Perfume Or Cologne With A Cheap Sample Kit

Cologne and perfume are great to spruce yourself up for a special event or when you want to feel fancy, but it’s tough to find that perfect scent, and it’s expensive to try. Instead, try sample kits to test multiple scents without spending a fortune. They’re available from more companies than you might think.

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Good colognes and perfumes are pricey, so instead of dropping your hard earned money on an entire bottle of a scent you don’t end up liking, a sample kit lets you try several scents for a lower price. If you have a favourite brand, check to see if they sell a sample kit. I checked to make sure several major brands offer sample kits, but you’ll need to search specifically for them on a brand’s site or ask in store. Each sample in the kit should give you enough to try for a few days to test. Once you’ve found a scent or two you like most, you can invest in an entire bottle knowing it works for you.

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  • I do this every so often. Mostly to see what’s in season before committing to one or two larger bottles. You can normally get a good sample selection of different brands online. I know of a few Aussie Ebay shops dedicated to selling a select kit (often you only need to tell them what you want in the kit and they’ll make it up).

    They are also super handy for keeping a few samples in a travel case or in the car.

    • Not sure if it’s against LH rules but would you mind giving the names of these shops? This is actually exactly what I’m looking for.

      • If you search for ‘cologne sample’ on Ebay and set to Australia only, after a little bit of browsing you’ll find some kits. Plus if you check out the sellers who sell them individually you’ll find some of them also tend to put kits together.

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