How To Make The Fluffiest Lemonade Scones Ever

How To Make The Fluffiest Lemonade Scones Ever

Scones are as Australian as lamingtons and Vegemite — but who really has the time to make these delicious little treats? Luckily for us time-poor would-be bakers, lemonade scones take much less time to make than regular scones, and they require fewer ingredients too. We’ve researched some of the best lemonade scone recipes so you can get baking ASAP.

Why lemonade for scones?

A cup or so of lemonade will make your scones light, fluffy and just a little bit sweet. Including lemonade in your scones also eliminates the need to include a bunch of the normal ingredients you’d use to make scones. For example, this recipe from RecipeTinEats has just three ingredients — lemonade, cream and self-raising flour. No butter, no sugar. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Handy tips

Are you new to the world of scone-baking? If so, take note of our handy hints to keep your scones looking, and tasting, absolutely perfect.

  • Make sure the lemonade you use for your scones is room temperature. Your dough will be easier to work with and will require less handling.
  • Don’t over-mix your dough. Over-mixing the dough makes scones tough.
  • Keep your scones as cold as possible before putting them into the oven — this will help them rise.
  • When using a cutter to cut your dough, don’t twist it. This makes the dough “smear” and affects the rise.
  • Place your raw scones, so they’re just touching on the oven tray. The heat from their neighbours helps the scones rise.

Customising your scones

Although there’s nothing wrong with a classic, there are lots of ways you can make your scones just a little bit more special. Here are some recipes for inspiration:

Pumpkin and lemonade scones

A fabulous lunchbox filler, these savoury delights will brighten up your workday.

Pink lemonade scones

Aren’t these the sweetest? Perfect for Valentine’s Day or a special morning tea.

Lemon meringue scones

Now this one takes the recipe to the next level. These may sound complicated, but it’s really quite a simple recipe. These are sure to wow your friends.

Sweet potato scones with pecan praline cream

This one is for those of us who do have a little extra time for baking. You’ll still get the gorgeous fluffiness of the original lemonade scone, but now with added sweet potato goodness and pecan praline deliciousness.

Now you know everything you need to know ahead of your first lemonade scone-making adventure. Good luck — and don’t forget to pick up some lemonade on your next trip to the shops!

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