Our Watch Has Not Ended, Kit Harington Is Returning as Jon Snow in a New Series

Our Watch Has Not Ended, Kit Harington Is Returning as Jon Snow in a New Series

It seems our watch has not yet ended because Jon Snow is back for more. Despite Game of Thrones ending its run in 2019, it’s been reported that HBO bringing us a sequel series featuring everyone’s favourite heir to the throne.

HBO calls Jon Snow back from the wall

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that HBO is in early development on a sequel series to Game of Thrones, starring none other than Jon Snow. The outlet reports that Kit Harington will return as his fan favourite character in the series.

Author George R.R. Martin then confirmed the news on his personal blog. Martin said the working title of the series is SNOW and it has been in development for about the same amount of time as HBO’s other planned GoT spin-offs.

Martin also confirmed Emilia Clarke’s recent comments that the Jon Snow series is in fact Kit Harington’s idea. The author also reiterated the fact that this series is still in the script stage and may well never progress past that point, so temper your expectations.

There are no more details about the planned sequel right now.

We have no idea what the plot will be or its potential release date, but the fact that a Jon Snow series is potentially happening is exciting enough.

Where could Jon Snow go next?

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It’s no secret that HBO is taking full advantage of its Game of Thrones universe with a prequel series, House of the Dragon, coming out soon and many many more spin-offs in development.

This new series is perhaps the most interesting of HBO’s many GoT spin-offs because it follows one of the main characters after the events of the finale.

Last we saw Jon Snow (spoiler alert) he had murdered his loved one, Danaerys Targaryen, and was exiled from the kingdom. So he journeyed north to his favourite place to live out his days with his Wildling friends.

Plot-wise there’s no indication of where things could go from here, but hopefully, it will make up for the controversial finale.

Even though the characters vanquished the Night King and the threat of the white walkers in season 8, many fans were still unhappy that many of the mysteries around these characters were never resolved. Perhaps Jon Snow will come across more mystical threats in his time beyond the wall.

Given that this series will take place post-Game of Thrones‘ ending and within Jon Snow’s lifetime, it theoretically opens the door for other characters (who are still alive) to return as well.

Kit Harington has his work cut out for him since he was enlisted in the MCU in Eternals. So don’t get your hopes up for this series to release any time soon.

However, you can get your Game of Thrones fix when House of the Dragon releases in August.

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