These Moisturising Hand Sanitisers Will Keep Your Mitts Germ and Flake Free

These Moisturising Hand Sanitisers Will Keep Your Mitts Germ and Flake Free
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With COVID-19 about to hit its second anniversary in Australia (yep, folks, second), your desk, bag, car and even pockets are not complete without a few trusty hand sanitisers. Dare I say it’s almost as essential as my bread and milk at this point. And by the look of my dry, flaky hands – it shows.

This crusty dilemma is no surprise, given hand sanitisers are designed to kill the bacteria present on your skin, using an alcohol content greater than 60 per cent to do it. So, what’s an appropriate in-between to keep your hands hydrated while also continuing to keep ’em germ-free in the face of Omicron? Well, let me introduce you to a moisturising hand sanitiser.

While pretty similar to its regular sanitiser counterparts, these beauties have hydrating bases like aloe, glycerin and essential oils to give your mitts a lil’ extra TLC as opposed to stripping them from any form of moisture entirely.

Ahead, I’ve rounded up a great list of my current faves that are all available to be purchased without even leaving your humble abode…

But, before I dive into it, it’s worth checking out some other handy info on hand sanitisers that might not have crossed your mind before.

Where to buy moisturising hand sanitisers in Australia

Dermal Therapy Sanitising Hand Cream, $8.99

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If your mitts are in an absolute flaky state right now (much like mine), this heavy-duty hand cream and sanitiser hybrid will still give you the same results as a regular hand sanitiser, just with a whole lot more hydration thanks to its nourishing, creamy formula. What can I say? Win-win.

You can buy the Dermal Therapy Sanitising Hand Cream ($8.99) from Amazon here.

Vaseline Expert Care Sanitising Hand Cream, $5.49

Made with hydrating glycerin and an added conditioning agent, this moisturising Vaseline hand sanitiser packs moisture without skimping on its antibacterial properties. It also comes in a super portable 85ml bottle, so you can throw one in your bag or car.

You can buy the Vaseline Expert Care Sanitising Hand Cream ($5.49) from Amazon here.

Dettol Moisturising Instant Hand Sanitiser, $4

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Our fave antibacterial brand Dettol has got a new kid on the block, and lucky for us, its melon and cucumber fusion is made especially for people with scaly hands. I’ve yet to put it to the test, but it’s supposed to keep your mitts hydrated for up to four hours. The non-sticky formula also means you won’t be stuck with that weird-feeling film on your hands afterwards.

You can buy the Dettol Moisturising Instant Hand Sanitiser ($4) from Amazon here.

Jurlique Moisturising Hand Sanitiser, $10

Enriched with pure extracts of lemon balm, lavender and marjoram (AKA natural antibacterial ingredients), and 60 per cent alcohol, this Jurlique Moisturising Hand Sanitiser has been designed to seamlessly cleanse and purify your hands. Paired with other ingredients like safflower oleosomes, the formula is set to enhance the skin’s protective barrier, leaving hands moisturised and silky smooth. You can use it as many times as needed throughout the day as part of your daily hand care.

You can buy the Moisturising Hand Sanitiser ($10) from Jurlique here.

Natio Orange & Lavender Hand Sanitiser, $5

There’s nothing worse than rubbing a pump of hand sanitiser into your hands, only to feel all the moisture drained from them. You can avoid that entirely with this essential oil-based orange and lavender sanitiser by Natio. Bonus points for smelling amazing.

You can buy the Natio Orange & Lavender Hand Sanitiser ($5) from Kogan here.

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