8 Backyard Games To Play if You’re Tired Of Sitting Inside

8 Backyard Games To Play if You’re Tired Of Sitting Inside
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With the third wave of coronavirus rocking the country right now, many Aussies are staying at home in the hopes of dodging the Omicron variant or recovering in bed. For those of you suffering from cabin fever, a lawn game in your backyard might just be the remedy you need.

While turning to video games to escape the real world or playing the same board game over and over is a fun way to spend your time indoors, a vitamin D deficiency is sure to catch up with you. Plus, there’s only so many times you can follow Kayla Itsines’ home workout before it gets monotonous and your motivation slips away.

That’s why we think that getting some fresh air and having fun at the same time is best achieved through a backyard activity with your family or housemates. So get your competitive streak out and your blood pumping with these eight games that you can play in your backyard.

Finska, $74.95

Image: Finska

Finska is a classic Scandinavian game, and best played after a few drinks. The crate even comes with a warning that it’s “dangerously addictive”. So if that doesn’t tell you how much you need this backyard game, then I don’t know what will.

The gist of the game is to throw the cylindrical-shaped log at the numbered pins and knock them over. Your goal is to score 50 points exactly, any more and you drop back down to 25 points. By knocking over one pin (which can have any number on it from one to 12), you add the number that was written on it to your score. However, let’s say you knock over three pins, then you receive three points. But if you miss three rounds in a row, you’re out of the game. Capiche?

Shop it here for $74.95.

Giant Jenga, $183.22

Giant jenga
Image: Jenga

Bigger is better when it comes to outdoor yard games and Jenga is no exception. This giant Jenga set can be stacked up to five feet tall, meaning a louder crash when the loser inevitably topples the whole tower.

Shop this giant Jenga set here for $183.22.

Stick and toss game, $15.69

Stick and toss game

Do you remember these? They were my whole childhood. I spent so many weekends with friends at the beach or in our backyards playing catch with these. Even as a fully functioning adult, this game is still loads of fun and quite the workout. As you can probably guess, it’s suitable for all ages and it takes care of those who suffer from a classic case of butter fingers.

Shop it here for $15.69.

Bocce, $64.50

Bocce is quite similar to lawn bowls
Image: GoSports

Bocce, lawn bowls — same thing, right? Well, not quite. Bocce is played on thick grass, dirt or sand, with the aim of throwing your bocce ball into the air in order to get it as close to the pallino (the marker) as possible.

This premium set features eight varnished hardwood balls, which are both lightweight and good for beginners.

Shop it here for $64.50 (down from $86.81).

Giant Pass The Pigs, $25

Pass the Pigs inflatable version
Image: Pass The Pigs

The giant outdoor games continue. If you’re a fan of the tabletop game Pass The Pigs, then you definitely need to take this huge, inflatable version with you outside. All of the same rules apply, but in case you don’t know them, allow us to explain.

By tossing the two (in this case, inflatable) pigs in the air, observe how they land and what position they fall into. Was it a Snouter, a Double Trotter, or was it just The Slider? While that may all sound like pig latin to you, they’re actually the names of a position that will determine how many points you receive for your throw. The winner is the first person to score 100 points.

Shop it here for $25 (down from $39.99).

Disc golf, $33.71

Disc golf
Image: Innova

Golf with flying discs. Who would’ve thought?

This backyard game is mighty similar to normal golf, except you try to land your flying disc inside the metal basket. Disc golf is much harder than it looks and it was made a professional sport back in the 1970s due to the amount of skill it takes to perfect. It’s known for being highly competitive and it’ll make you sweat a lot more than mini golf ever would. Just try not to whack your competition in the head with your throw.

Shop it here for $33.71.

Kubb, $61.31

Kubb, a Nordic backyard game
Image: GoSports

Similar to Finska, Kubb is another Scandinavian game that is steeped in Nordic tradition. To play, simply split into two teams and toss the wooden batons (called kastpinnar) at the other team’s army of kubbs before toppling their king to win.

Just like Finska, Kubb is funner when you’re intoxicated. Skål!

Shop it here for $61.31.

Croquet, $64.92

Image: GoSports

This lawn game is as classic as it was in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. However, this colourful six-player croquet set by GoSports doesn’t use flamingoes as mallets nor hedgehogs as balls.

Compared to some of the other activities, croquet is relatively laidback and can be played with a glass in hand. Or it’s a good time-waster on a hot day when you want to be out in the sun, but you don’t want to get hot and sweaty.

Shop the GoSports croquet set here for $64.92.


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