Gather Your Crafty Pals and Make Your Own Christmas Baubles

Gather Your Crafty Pals and Make Your Own Christmas Baubles
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Despite feeling like we’re still in June, the calendar is telling us that Christmas is in fact around the corner. While cheap decorations and plastic tinsel fill the shelves, if you’re looking for a more crafty way to celebrate Christmas then we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’ve left home for the first time and don’t own any baubles or you’re just looking for a unique, DIY-esque way to decorate your tree, then read on to learn how to make your very own set of Christmas baubles. 

What You’ll Need

To get started, head down to your local craft shop and grab a packet of polystyrene balls, sequins, sewing pins, and some ribbon. 

Get Crafty

Choose a polystyrene ball from the packet before taking a single pin and one sequin. Thread the pin through the hole in the sequin. Once threaded, simply stick it into the ball where the tip of the pin will keep the festive sequin in place. Start pinning from the bottom and work your way upwards. Continue this until every part of the ball is evenly covered. 

Decoration Time 

Once your (future) bauble is dripping in sequins, secure a ribbon of your choice around the ball with a bow and loop at the top. Pin the ribbon into the polystyrene ball to secure the loop that will help it stay on the Christmas tree. 

Dress The Tree 

After making as many crafty baubles as you’d like, simply hang them in place! Done.  

One way to spice up your tree even more is by incorporating gifts alongside your DIY Christmas baubles. Consider gift vouchers, Christmas cards, and Instant Scratch-Its tickets as a way to make your tree packed with even more festive fun. Grab a hole punch to create a small incision in the corner of your gift, thread the ribbon through and hang it up alongside your sequinned DIY Christmas baubles.

If you wanna see how all of this comes together, check out our instructional video here.

Merry Christmas!


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